Online Validation

Use this service to validate one or many igc files. If you need to do this on a regular basis, it is better to use the Web Service.

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How to use

Select the files you wish to validate either by using the file input button or by dragging and dropping them into the marked area, then click the Validate button. If cannot see a marked area, then this feature is not supported by your browser.

File input

You can use any IGC file or compressed IGC file (zip, gzip). You can continue to add files and validate them up to a maximum of 100. If you need more than this, untick the Max 100 files checkbox, although your browser may become unresponsive with large values. You can use the drag and drop feature even when the marked area is no longer visible. If you are adding files from different directories you may need to untick the Filter duplicate file names checkbox. Use the Clear All button to empty the list of files and start again.

Validation results

Please be patient if you are checking a large number of files. Progress is reported and shows the number of files that have been checked. You can Cancel the validation at any time (and restart it again). You can filter the records by PASSED, FAILED and ERROR. Service data is available when this icon is present - click anywhere on the record to view it.