Web Service

The available Web Service is designed to use for XC Onlinecontest providers.
This is not a enduser service for the pilot.

Please contact us if you have questions.
When implementing on your side, please don't run multiple connections in parallel
and don't run validation tests faster then 30 tests per minute.

Example demonstration. When using Linux curl command in a loop

1) for TXT return results call:
$ /usr/bin/curl -s -F igcfile=@YourSample.igc vali.fai-civl.org/cgi-bin/vali-igc.cgi

2) for JSON return results call:
$ /usr/bin/curl -F igcfile=@YourSample.igc vali.fai-civl.org/api/vali/json

For LeonardoXC based installations we offer wrapper which can be used
to generate the required return values for remote IGC file validation.
See more details at this Link.